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The introduction of messaging systems adds a sophisticated interactive messaging functionality to your mobile devices. Turning your mobile devices into an extemely powerful workplace tool for operational staff. 
Messages from: 
Alarm monitoring and management. 
Lone worker panic alarm. 
Email messaging to the handset. 
PC to handset messaging. 
Message to: 
VoWLAN Handsets 
And more .... 
Alarm monitoring and management 
The alarm messaging solution integrates the output of alarm systems to your mobile device. This then empowers the user to be instantly aware of any major events the devices are connected to. The solution is scalable and can manage up to hundreds of alarm events through the device. Inputs can be a simple switch or an output from a complex alarm system. 
In a simple application it can be used to monitor access to a secure area and contact a manager if a door is left open. In complex applications it can interface with sophisticated condition monitoring systems or building alarms and as soon as an alarm is triggered it will notify contacts from a list of up to 10,000 persons. It can escalate calls, notify groups and automatically send alarm notifications by email. 
The solution can allow mobile devices to be contacted by email or text message. Messages can be broadcast to a group of handsets or sent to an individual handset. 
Email messages can be sent from any email application anywhere in the world to a handset. 
A secure web interface allows text messages to be broadcast to a group of handsets or sent to an individual handset. 
The text messaging feature is useful for staff functions such as security, IT and engineering. It is also useful for support managers or receptionists who need to contact enabled workgroups or individuals 
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