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SIP Trunks 

SIP Trunks 
> Internet to landline telephone calls 
> Competitive call rates 
> Free calls to other internet connected users 
> Any geographic number, regardless of location 
The utilisation of a SIP Trunk allows the placing of out-bound calls and the receiving of inbound calls using an internet connection, rather than using an ISDN line.  
SIP Trunks not only bring cost savings but also an array of benefits to your telephony infrastructure. 
Advanced call routing options 
Enhanced disaster recovery 
Substantially improved remote working 
Greater number control and flexibility 
To find out more please call 0808 178 0999 
Call Us 
Call Us 
0808 178 0999 
0808 178 0999 
Broadband enhancement solutions - Faster, more reliable 
Bonding Broadband 
Bonding Broadband can be a simple, cost effective way to increase your broadband speed. 
> Faster speeds - Combine up to 4 broadband lines and create a single fast connection. (Upto 80Mb Down) 
> More Resilience - If one ADSL fails, your internet connection remains on the remaining lines. 
Load Balancing Broadband 
Load balancing enables you to increase your bandwidth by the use of an additional ADSL line, enabling more simultaneous users to use the internet at any one time. 
> Increase Bandwidth - More simulatenous users  
> More Resilience - If one ADSL fails, the internet connection stay up on the remaining line. 
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