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DDI – Direct Dial Inwards 
A key ISDN feature giving you the ability to assign individual phone numbers (DDI Numbers) to extensions and departments, enabling callers to dial them directly without having to go through the operator. 
DECT Phones 
DECT is the acronym given to the new digital cordless telephony standard available in the UK (and Europe). DECT systems are far superior to their analogue cousins in a number of respects and users of DECT are nearly always delighted with the improvement compared to an old analogue cordless phone. DECT Cordless handsets can provide wireless communications within an office or company premises. The handsets can be fully integrated with the company phone system, allowing users to make, take and transfer calls securely as they move around the premises. 
Digital Cordless Phones 
Digital cordless phones now have lots of features, many the same as those we have come to rely upon with our mobile phones. Cordless phones can easily plugged into your analogue or digital phone sockets or telephone system extensions boxes. 
DPNSS (Digital Private Network Signalling System) 
If your company has two offices or more, you may wish to run both your voice and data communications across the same network from one centralised location. This offers a number of costs savings as you will only have to pay for one backbone infrastructure instead of two or three, one network management and one group of technical personnel. These capabilities can be provided by most, if not all, PBX manufacturers without large dedicated investments or high re-occurring expenses. 
DSS – Direct Station Select 
A button on a terminal that can be used to directly dial a person or extension associated with that button. 
DTMF – Dual Tone Multi Frequency 
Signaling which is the basis for the operation of pushbutton telephone sets. Dialed numbers are transmitted as tones rather than electronic pulses. This is particularly useful for access to supplementary services (e.g. voicemail and auto attendants). 
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