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Safe Secure WiFi 

Secure, Safe, Family Friendly WiFi 
> Family friendly WiFi - content filtering 
> Legally compliant public WiFi 
> Customer Secure WiFi Network  
> Port blocking to restrict downloading of illegal content 
By providing Wi-Fi access to your customers, you open yourself up to a raft of legal and security obligations which you must adhere to. Hackers, illegal downloader’s, and other unscrupulous people often make a beeline for unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots to carry out their activity. It is therefore your responsibility to safe guard yourself to what users do whilst on your network. Failure to do so can leave you exposed to the possibility of large fines of tens of thousands of pounds for allowing illegal activity on your network. 
KSLWireless platform comes, as standard, with all the protection you need to run a secure, family friendly, legally compliant Wi-Fi network. 
Data retention and usage tracking, in line with the Digital Economy Bill 
Family friendly content filtering in accordance with the Internet Watch Foundation 
Port blocking to restrict peer-to-peer downloading of illegal content 
The ability to limit bandwidths of users so heavy users do not have an adverse effect on the other users. 
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