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NEC SV9100 MyCalls Applications 

MyCalls Basic 
NEC MyCalls Basic
The MyCalls Basic platform is bundled free with new NEC telephone systems for the first 12 months, and provides a wealth of management information - in particular, a real view of call activity in easy to view screen display and report formats. 
Key Benefits 
Enhance Productivity - Statistical data enables staffing levels to be matched to peak call volumes 
Control Costs - Comprehensive information about call activity helps prioritise remedial action 
Target Productivity Gains - Real-time views of daily call activity and some basic reports highlight areas for investigation. 
MyCalls Manager 
NEC MyCalls Manager
MyCalls Call Manager adds an extra dimension to call management and performance with an unparalleled range of user-friendly features. These features help a business save money, win profitable new business and dramatically increase customer service levels. Managers enjoy a real-time overview of the telephony activity of their team - who’s on a call, who’s holding, who’s off hook and how many callers hang-up before their calls are answered. 
Key Benefits 
Protect Sales Revenues - Abandoned calls are flagged and logged enabling rapid customer call-back. 
Manage by Exception - User-defined system alarms alert managers to situations that require their attention, as do reports on all aspects of call performance. 
Reduce Call Costs - Unauthorised calls, e.g., mobiles / premium rate numbers are highlighted. 
Accelerate ROI - Productivity gains and cost savings lead to more profitable operation. 
Campaign Measurement - Managers can measure telephony response to marketing campaigns. 
Manage Staffing Levels - Ensure that you have appropriate staffing levels to effectively handle call volumes. 
Reporting - MyCalls Manager offers a comprehensive report suite. Reports can be scheduled or run as required. 
MyCalls Enterpise 
NEC MyCalls Enterprise
MyCalls Enterprise is ideal for a business or organisation which has has multiple branches located remotely. It makes it possible to gather and consolidate the information from a separate NEC Phone system at each branch 
Key Benefits 
Increase productivity - Detailed call management and reporting information is provided across multiple sites simultaneously. 
Cost savings - Larger organisations can be managed more easily from a single desktop, reducing the amount and cost of managerial time required.. 
NEC MyCalls Desktop 
NEC MyCalls Desktop
MyCalls Desktop is an excellent add-on to MyCalls Basic and MyCalls Call Manager, providing the caller with instant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information such as screen-pops, and much more
Key Benefits 
Significant Time Savings - Full call control with real time views of other extension activity (Busy Lamp Field) from the desktop simplifies all telephone functions & saves time on basics like dialling & call transfer. 
Speeds Workflow - Callers are identified immediately, with screenpopped access to database records for faster, warmer, more efficient response. 
Enhanced Personal Performance - Custom-fit action views are easily tailored to individual needs & data requirements, increasing acceptance and productivity. 
Desktop Control Panel - Providing an astounding range of telephony functions. 
Productivity Features - Free Dialling enable users to dial a number in any application, say, a website, simply by clicking on it, which reduces the incidence of misdials. 
User Defined - Users can compile their own action views that give rapid access to different system functions including Busy Lamp Field (BLF) views of selected extensions, personal speed dials & call divert functions and opening frequently used documents or applications such as price lists in pdf format. 
Phone book – Personal & system-wide contacts Personal call handling statistics. 
Screen-popping – Search & view contact information in CRM databases. 
Screen-pop Transfer – Contact information accompanies transferred calls
NEC MyCalls Call Centre 
NEC MyCalls Call Centre
MyCalls Call Centre is an essential application for any contact centre and specialist call centres. Provides supervisors with full control of extensions and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) groups from their desktop. 
Key Benefits: 
Increase Capability - Full call centre functionality built around NEC ACD technology enhances customer experience. 
Raise Service Standards - Improved management control reduces caller delays in queues & delivers calls to those best able to help. 
Maximise Agent Productivity - Managers have real-time information and activity reports essential to agent  
Performance and Training - Performance management and skills training are enhanced by the detailed activity reports that are generated by MyCalls in conjunction with call recordings made using MyCalls Call Recorder. 
MyCalls Call Recorder 
NEC MyCalls Call Recorder
MyCalls Call Recorder equips MyCalls Call Manager and MyCalls Call Centre with full call recording capability. Calls are recorded securely, encrypted and easily accessed.ation
Key Benefits 
Compliance - Call recording is a mandatory requirement within most FSA or Insurance sectors. 
Reduced Liability - A recorded call provides impartial evidence and greatly reduces costs from dispute resolution. 
Secure Access - Recording, playback & storage are totally secure with rapid call identification. 
Improved Training - Training and performance reviews are far more effective when calls can be listened to and analysed, consequently improving skills levels within your organisation. 
Conversation Share - The ability share a telephone conversation with colleagues so they can capture not just the facts but also the tone and subtleties of the dialogue. 
MyCalls Agent Control 
NEC MyCalls Agent Control
MyCalls Agent Control provided by MyCalls Call Centre is a two-way process. Not only does it provide the essential information for supervisors to maintain call-handling service levels, it also empowers agents with greater flexibility to deal with call traffic. 
Key Benefits 
Flexible working - Empowering agents to log in and out of service enables any organisation to make better use of limited staff resources. 
Better Management Control - Busy managers save time because user-defined controls & alerts are only triggered when exceptions occur to defined service standards. 
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